Commonsense on Syria Session 7 with Tima Kurdi and Omar Dahi

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This video is part of the Commonsense on Syria series providing the opportunity for a broad audience to engage with incisive analysis and important perspectives about Syria and U.S. “regime-change” wars. This session, featuring Jadaliyya co-editor Omar Dahi and Tima Kurdi, author of The Boy on the Beach: My Family’s Escape from Syria and Our Hope for a New Home, discusses internally and externally displaced Syrians.

[This article was originally published by Jadaliyya on 10 July, 2020.]

About the Author:

Omar S. Dahi is a co-editor of Jadaliyya and an associate professor of economics at Hampshire College and co-director of the Peacebuilding and State building program and research associate at the Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts Amherst. His research interests are in the political economy of development in the Middle East, South-South relations, comparative regionalism, peace and conflict studies, and critical security studies. He has published in academic outlets such as the Journal of Development Economics, Applied Economics, Southern Economic Journal, Political Geography, Middle East Report, Forced Migration Review, and Critical Studies on Security. His last book South-South Trade and Finance in the 21st Century: Rise of the South or a Second Great Divergence (co-authored with Firat Demir) explores the ambiguous developmental impact of the new economic linkages among countries of the global South. He has served on the editorial collective of Middle East Report and is a co-founder and co-director of the Beirut School for Critical Security Studies working group at the Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS). Dahi is also the founder and director of the Security in Context initiative. • Tima Kurdi is an internationally recognized spokesperson who has partnered with governments, businesses, and citizens worldwide to help raise awareness about the global refugee crisis. She, along with her brother Abdullah, is the co-founder of the Kurdi Foundation.